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Add Akouo - LSP

1. Sign up for your Akouo LSP account

LSP partners must have an account set up with Akouo in order to provide simultaneous interpretation in Microsoft Teams. Your Akouo LSP account allows you to manage your internal billing entities, project managers, interpreter profiles, scheduling, and client job requests in a simple and secure environment that saves time and simplifies all aspects of interpretation management. 

2. Add your clients to your Akouo LSP account

Invite your clients to add the Akouo app to their Teams account so they can benefit from simultaneous interpretation directly within Microsoft Teams. To add your client to your Akouo LSP account, simply add their Microsoft Tenant ID to the Akouo portal under "clients", from then on, any requests they make for interpretation within Microsoft Teams will automatically be routed to your management portal where you can schedule and confirm interpreters.

Request Akouo LSP Account


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