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Add Akouo - International Organizations

Does your organization have in-house interpeters and project managers? If so, you can set up an account with Akouo and manage your Microsoft Teams interpretation requirements.

1. Request your Akouo management account

Your Akouo management portal allows you to manage your internal billing entities, project managers, interpreter profiles and scheduling. Manage your interpretation needs for Microsoft Teams in a simple and secure environment that saves time and simplifies all aspects of interpretation management. 

2. Connect your Tenant IDs To your management portal

Simply add your organization's Microsoft Tenant ID to the Akouo portal, you can add one or multiple tenant ID's to your management portal, allowing you to manage as many organizations as required. Any interpretation requests within Microsoft Teams will automatically be routed to your management portal where you can schedule and confirm interpreters.

Request Akouo ORG Account


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