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Interpreter – Akouo Portal and RSI

1. Navigate to your Akouo Interpreter Portal:

2. Go to Jobs

3. Select and open a meeting

4. If you have not already accepted the assignment select Accept and click on Submit

5. The “Join Meeting” link will now appear on the job detail page

6. Click on the “Join Meeting” link

7. A new browser tab will open

8. Enter your name and select your audio devices

9. You can now click on “Test Audio Devices”

10. Follow the instructions from the Echo Bot Audio Test, when you have done this, when you have completed the test you can hang up and you will return to the main page.

11. Click on “Join Meeting”, you will now enter the Akouo Interpretation environment

12. You will see “you’re in the lobby” until the Team’s meeting participants allow Akouo Interpretation to join the meeting

13. In the meantime you can configure the interpretation environment for your assignment

14. If relay languages are available and required you can select the relay language

15. Select your outgoing languages

16. To begin interpreting, select your outgoing language, the microphone button will go GREEN, you are the interpreter for the language channel you have selected, but your microphone is not yet live.

17. Click on the Microphone to activate, it will turn RED

18. HANDOVER – Click on the handover button next to the microphone button, it will turn AMBER

19. Your booth partner will also see the button turn AMBER, when the partner clicks on the AMBER button, they will automatically become active and live, your microphone will become inactive and grey.

20. You can cancel handover by clicking on the handover button again before your partner accepts handover request.

21. If you partner has issues, you can force handover by activating your microphone, a warning will be displayed, if you are sure, click to proceed and you will then take over from your booth partner.

22. RELAY - Select your pivot language in the top-left hand Incoming panel, next to the floor button. You can now switch between floor audio and the pivot language.


Use a high-quality wired headset Your computer should be connected via Ethernet and NOT WiFi Use Google Chrome (ideally in a fresh profile with no other tabs open) Work in a quiet environment Mute your microphone when you are not speaking

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