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Akouo Multilingual Streaming

Stream Multilingual Events

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Akouo Multilingual Streaming is a language interpretation solution designed to provide seamless multilingual live stream events. It leverages the power of Microsoft Teams, Azure Media Services and the Akouo remote simultaneous interpretation platform, allowing participants to access real-time interpretation on any device through the Akouo Media Player in a browser. Akouo Multilingual Streaming supports all types of meetings and events including hybrid meetings with remote and onsite speakers and participants.


Akouo Multilingual Streaming, powered by Microsoft Azure Media Services scales seamlessly to cover online streaming events of all sizes.

Unlimited Participants

Seamless Synchronisation

Akouo Multilingual Streaming synchronises all language channels at source, ensuring smooth and precise communications throughout the event.

Akouo Multilingual Streaming is powered by Akouo RSI platform, providing the full suite of professional interpretation features including remote support, handover, internal comms, relay... 

Full Interpretation Features

Present Straight from MS Teams

Multilingual Streaming events are hosted and presented directly from a regular Microsoft Teams meeting. Simply create the meeting, invite presenters and Akouo manages the rest.

The platform supports all languages, enabling participants to choose their preferred language for interpretation. This ensures inclusivity and enables effective communication for diverse audiences.

Multilingual Support

Seamless Integration

Akouo Multilingual Event Live can seamlessly integrate with various event management systems, streaming platforms, and virtual meeting tools. This integration ensures a smooth user experience and maximizes the functionality of the interpretation services.

The solution utilizes advanced audio processing technology to deliver high-quality sound for interpretation, minimizing background noise and ensuring clear and intelligible interpretation for participants.

High-Quality Audio

User-Friendly Interface

The Akouo Media Player features an intuitive and user-friendly interface, allowing participants to easily navigate and access interpretation services without any technical expertise.

Akouo provides comprehensive technical support for the Multilingual Event Live solution, including troubleshooting assistance and guidance to ensure a smooth and successful interpretation experience.

Technical Support

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