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New Teams and Akouo​

Microsoft has begun rolling out New Microsoft Teams. Because Microsoft has not yet provided full feature parity, currently, New Microsoft Teams does NOT support Akouo Interpretation.

Mitigation Measures


  • Participants that require interpretation should join Microsoft Teams meetings in their browser through Akouo Universal Access, which provides full interpretation features as usual:

    • Create you Microsoft Teams meeting as usual and add Akouo Interpretation.​

    • On the Akouo Interpretation tab where you select your required languages, check the Akouo Universal Access box.

    • Copy the link by clicking on the button.

    • Go to the meeting Details tab.

    • Click inside the top of the text box and paste the copied text, you can amend the introductory text for users if required.

    • You can now Send / Update your meeting invitation. Participants can now select Akouo Universal Access to join the Teams meeting.

    • During the meeting, you can simply share the Akouo Universal Access link in the meeting chat with participants that require interpretation access. Participants should leave MS Teams and only join through Akouo Universal Access, where thay can access full interpretation features seamlessly.

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