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Simultaneous Interpretation and Universal Access
for MS Teams


interpretation -  universal access - StreamText captions
for Microsoft Teams

Akouo provides simultaneous interpretation for MS Teams meetings directly within the Teams desktop application and through Akouo Universal Access for users that do not have a Microsoft business license, or require mobile access. All services run 100% on Microsoft Azure technologies providing the most simple, secure and economical solution for multilingual meetings on Microsoft Teams.

Akouo is available for end user organisations that require full interpretation services,  LSPs (Language Service Providers), and organizations that have their own interpretation teams or suppliers.

  • Simple - add language interpretation to your Teams meeting, participants select the language to access professional interpretation

  • Reliable - Because Akouo is 100% Microsoft, Akouo is the most reliable and secure interpretation solution for MS Teams

  • Affordable - Leveraging Azure and Teams allows Akouo to provide interpretation at a fraction of the cost of 3rd party platforms


Integrated and Automated Features

Akouo provides end-to-end management and fulfilment for MS Teams Interpretation

MS Teams interpreting

Seamless language integration for smooth multilingual meetings directly in MS Teams.

End to End Fulfilment

Akouo provides the complete suite of tools to deliver interpretation and captions.

Universal Access
MS Teams Universal Access

Akouo Universal Access provides access for anyone, on any device.

Full RSI
Screen Shot 2022-06-14 at 15.39.08.png

The Akouo RSI platform provides relay, handover, partner chat, support interface.

StreamText Captions
MicrosoftTeams-image (2).png

Only Akouo provides StreamText integration directly in MS Teams and AUA.


Record your meetings in each spoken language with the click of a button.

“Finally, a solution for multi-lingual Teams meetings that is user-friendly and intuitive. Akouo enables us to deliver what our customers have been waiting for.”
Felix Jaeggi, Interlingua

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