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VIDEO - Add Akouo Interpretation to your MS Teams meeting

Once Akouo has been added to your Microsoft tenant (See Akouo Deployment Guide), it is very simple to add Akouo to a Teams meeting and request interpretation languages.

1. Create your MS Teams meeting, invite participants and save the meeting.

2. Click on the meeting in MS Teams and select “Edit

3. In the top bar of meeting, click on +

4. In the “Add a tab” window, search for “Akouo

5. Select “Akouo”

6. Click on “Save”

7. Akouo Interpretation is now added to your Teams meeting

8. Add all languages that will be spoken and interpreted in the meeting, including the main meeting language

9. If you require Akouo Universal Access select the check box, and click on the “Copy meeting link for participants” check box, you can save this text and link to add to the main invitation text after configuring Akouo for the meeting

10. Click on “Submit Request”

11. If you are using Akouo Universal Access, you can now share your Universal Access link (with or without the actual Teams link)

12. Your request has now been sent to your LSP or internal interpretation manager for interpreter scheduling.


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