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Deployment Guide - Akouo Interpretation

Deployment guidance for Microsoft 365 administrators


Prior to deploying Akouo Interpretation in Microsoft Teams, ensure that you have:

  • An active Microsoft 365 subscription

  • Access to a Microsoft 365 administrator account

  • Activated Microsoft Teams for your organization

  • An active Akouo account either directly with Akouo (for organizations with internal interpreters), or your preferred Language Service provider that provides interpretation services.

Sign into the Microsoft Teams admin center

2. Enter your administrator credentials

3. Access the Teams admin center dashboard.

Set Global (org-wide) app permission policies

4. Select the Teams apps dropdown followed by Permission policies.

5. Click on Global (Org-wide default)

6. Under Third-party apps, ensure that Allow all apps is selected. Or, choose Allow specific apps and block others and search for Akouo Interpretation to add it to the list of approved apps.

Activate Akouo Interpretation in Teams

7. Select Manage apps and search for Akouo Interpretation

8. Click on the check mark next to Akouo Interpretation and select Allow.

9. Click Allow to let users access the application in Teams.

10. Click on the application to review the permission policies.

11. Click on Permissions, then Review permissions to launch a new window with the requested permissions. Click Accept.

12. If necessary, review the Settings for the application.

Deployment guidance for Teams users


·       Active Teams account

·       Active Akouo Interpretation account or with Akouo Partner LSP

Add Akouo Interpretation to Teams

1. Open Teams and sign in.

2. Select the Apps icon on the left rail of the Teams window.

3. Search for Akouo Interpretation

4. Click on the application and press the Add button.

Sign into Akouo Interpretation

  1. Open the Akouo Interpretation Tab in your Teams pre-meeting window

2. Add the languages you require interpretation for (include all languages spoken) and hit Submit.

3. Your interpretation request has now been submitted to your interpretation manager or external interpretation provider.

Start using Akouo Interpretation

1.     Meeting participants select the Akouo Interpretation in MS Teams meeting

2.     Participant then selects their preferred language

Additional resources

To connect your Teams account to Akouo Interpretation please contact


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